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on Samstag, 5. Mai 2012


Name: RealHDMI
Entwickler: GmanApps
Preis: 3,01 € For free at our blog!
Größe: Variiert je nach Gerät
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minimale Android Version: Variiert je nach Gerät
Kategorie: Tools
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For Motorola Droid X ONLY

View screen contents and sound from your applications and emulators on your TV.

Make sure to test your Droid X with your HDMI cable and your TV/monitor using the built in Gallery application on the phone prior to purchase. Not all HDTV's support 720p video input.

If you run a custom ROM proceed at your own risk. There is no way for us to test against all variants of non-stock code. If RealHDMI doesn't work with a specific custom ROM, is usually because the ROM Chef has stripped out the HDMI support while they where trying to remove bloat from the ROM.

Motorola/Verizon have released the 2.2.1 update for the phone that fixes the HDMI bug detailed in
We recommend updating your phone from to at least 2.2.1

Note: HBOGO App has been modified by HBO so it will no longer play video if it detects HDMI is enabled. Older version of their application worked fine, recent change is blocking HDMI use.

Q:Why can't I see things on Phone Screen and HDTV at same time?
A: The hardware limitation of the OMAP3 processor makes it physically impossible for GPU to update LCD screen and HDMI/TV at the same time. This means that the phone will never be able to do "dual view" and display active content on LCD and TV at same time. When HDMI is turned on, last frame rendered on LCD appears frozen until HDMI is turned off. This is the nature of the hardware. Checkout users guide on our website to learn more and how to work around this.

Q: Why is graphics on my TV only taking up part of the display?
A:Its a limitation of the GPU and Android OS. Video from Flash and other applications will display full screen but pixel based graphics will not unless your TV supports auto scaling. See item #5 on the faq on our website for complete explanation.

Q: Why does my home screen appear sideways on the TV?
A: Simple answer is the home screen app on the Droid X doesn't have a landscape orientation. You can see yourself when HDMI is not on, tilt your phone on the side. You notice home screen doesn't change to a landscape mode like other applications do. Only way to get a landscape orientation in your home screen is to use a home screen replacement app like ADW or Launcher Pro.

Q: Does this work with the blockbuster app?
A: No. Back in September their released an update to their application that keeps their app from playing video if HDMI is enabled.

Q: Do I need this App to watch my videos and pictures on my HDTV?
A: If all you wish to do is play videos through the gallery application or see your pictures on your TV then you don't need this app. The gallery application on the phone does that for you already. This application just enables HDMI so non-HDMI aware applications can be fooled into displaying on your TV. Do not try to use the gallery app while using RealHDMI as both apps can end up fighting for control of HDMI port.


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