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on Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Basketball Stats Pro

Name: Basketball Stats Pro
Entwickler: Hayava, Inc
Preis: 3,03 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 260k
Version: 4.65
minimale Android Version: 1.6 oder höher
Kategorie: Sport
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Track Percentages and other stats per player and team.

Designed to track 1 player or up to 15 players per team quickly and easily. All entries done within 2 clicks - Select the player and then the stat to increment.
Track Points, FGA/M, 3PA/M FTA/M, Fouls, Offensive / Defensive Rebounds, Assists,Turnovers, Block Shots, and Steals per player by Period and totals per team.
3 customizable fields to create your own stats.

** QUESTIONS OR ISSUES? For quicker response contacts us at **

***** Display Season Average within the APP ***********
Select Menu ... MORE ... and Scroll to the bottom of the Menu to select View Season Stats. Select previously saved games to build Season view instantly
Player Names:
Show/Hide player names on the stats entry screen via a setting on the Settings page.

Player Substitution:
Long Click on Player's Icon to quickly Sub players IN/OUT of game. No need to return to the manage line-up page.

To Change the Possession Arrows - Click on Score, Team Name, or Arrow to change the arrow.

Email results at any point for the game - Team stats only or with player's stats as an HTML, or CSV attachment.

Save the details of the game for later viewing.

To export a game you must save the game first. Once saved, it will come up in the list to EXPORT. The EXPORTED game will be placed on the SDCARD for emailing or copying via usb to your PC. The extension of the file will be .bbzip

*** NOW SUPPORTS MAXPREPS file exporting and emailing for easy loading of stats to MaxPreps ***

- New feature allows for Texting of 1 player's stats. Select a Player then Select Menu option to send the player's stats.

-Supports Quarters or Halves

-Supports Bigger Tablet screen

-CSV file can be used to calculate season averages. For an example spreadsheet with formulas, just contact us.

- CSV file is comma delimited.

**If your email client strips off attachments, try using yahoo or hotmail as your email sender OR downloading K-9 mail app or similar app to use your gmail account.

** If you receive a force close when first using the app or after an upgrade, click the MENU button and RESET your Game, exit the App and then restart it.

Other Recent Changes:
4.62 - Increases the font size on the Tablet screen buttons for better visibility; Auto populates the text box with Team Name and date_team_vs_team when saving Roster and Game; Added Select All option in View Season Stats dialog; Corrects some issues with the CSV file when totals only requested.
4.61 - Correct FT% in email body for Halves; 2half radio button was being cleared when switching screens; Visitor Team name inserted into Email body instead of "Other Team".
4.6 - Adds Overtime Period; Adds Team Totals in View Stats Reports
4.55 - @Sean - Ability to Show/Hide Player Name under Player ICON via settings.
4.54 - Adds Team Totals to Season Average Page.
4.53 - @Terry-Thanks! - Correction of Team FG% in email Text.
4.52 - Per Craig's request in comments:
- Keeps the screen from turning off while on Stats entry screen;
- Added Possession Arrows - Click on Score/Team Name/arrow to change the possession arrow.
ver 4.51 - Minor change for HTML layout on game stats.
ver 4.5 - Groups 2pm/pa; 3pm/pa; Ftm/fta together on HTML report
** Now able to display Season Average within the APP **
Select Menu ... MORE ... and Scroll to the bottom of the Menu to select View Season Stats. Select previously saved games to build Season view instantly.
ver 4.41 - Corrects issue with old saved games not loading.
ver 4.4 - 3 new customizable fields added to allow you to add your own Stats (Setup via MENU..SETTINGS)
- Adjustments made for SAMSUNG Tablet issue reported in comments
- New setting to be able to view player stats on the View Stats Page as Totals only
- Ability to EXPORT/IMPORT game files

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