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on Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Super Manager Donation

Name: Super Manager Donation
Entwickler: Gpc
Preis: 4,56 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 30k
Version: 1.3
minimale Android Version: 1.5 oder höher
Kategorie: Tools
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


★ you can enjoy the Super Manager Donation when your device is offline. The license check only executes when you install or update the application.
★ If you have license issues, please reboot your device and try again
★ The donation edition is just a key, you still have to install "Super Manager" to use it
★ Using Google License Verify, you must make sure you can access the Internet if the software want to check the license.
★ If you have buy our Professional edition, you don't need to buy this one again.

• You must use the Super Manager v 2.3.5 or later to support this donation key.
• Requires Super Manage (free) to be installed (see "View more applications" below). This dontaion key will convert it to the Donation version.

If you face into the license verified issue,
1. Please use the "official" and "latest" Google Play.
2. Clean up the cache data of Google Play.
3. Reboot the device.
4. Uninstall the Super Manager and Super Manager Donation, and re-install them from Google Play
5. Keep the Internet connection, and launch the Super Manager.
6. It SHOULD popup a "progress spinner dialog", said "License Verify ..."
7. If the verify procedure is pass, you can enjoy the donation edition.

The following may cause the fail on Google License:
1. Never use the "non-official" APP2SD, APP2SD+, DATA2SD+, LINK2SD
2. Never use the "non-official" system image. The non-official may buggy, we never suggest users to use any non-official system image.
3. Never use the "hack" or "patched" version of Google Play (or Android Market) in your device
4. Please use the latest Google Play in your device.
5. You cannot add more than one Google account in your device, it will cause the license verified fail.
6. Make sure the Internet is full functional without any block.
7. Never use any crack or patch about Super Manager, it may cause the license system fail.

Upgrade to Donation Edition will have more features!
1. File Explorer can browse and open a variety of files
2. Customize the Favorite Folder in File Explorer
3. File Encrypt and Decrypt
4. You can backup and restore the Super Manager's settings
5. Customize Super Launcher Favorites
6. More features in APK Manager
7. Widget improve
8. More power features in Super Launcher

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