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on Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Drag Racing Elite Tunes

Name: Drag Racing Elite Tunes
Entwickler: Custom Mobile
Preis: 2,09 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 630k
Version: 2.03
minimale Android Version: 1.6 oder höher
Kategorie: Rennsport
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


***New update Released 10/12/2011 Started adding requested tunes!*** *** OUR LEVEL 10 1/2 mile tune holds the record and can be verified in game!!

Having trouble getting to 5000 in Pro-League? Need to make more money and respect points so you can buy and upgrade your cars? Tired of getting beaten in Bet and Race or Face To Face? Maybe you just can't seem to beat that Boss on level 10! Drag Racing Elite Tunes will turn your daily driver into the ultimate racing machine so you will be the envy of your peers. Don’t settle for second best, BE THE BEST!
Drag Racing Elite Tunes contains the newest and fastest tunes for the BEST cars for EVERY level in 1/2mi and 1/4mi distances!!! We have a team of dedicated tuners who have achieved multiple 5000 ranks on Pro-League. They are relentlessly exploring new setups and fine tuning new cars to get them to their fastest speeds so we can update our application just for you! Updates occur regularly with improved tunes to ensure our customers have the fastest cars/bikes.

The list below comprises ALL the required setups to compete in Pro-League!

Pro League Times:

Level 10 Venom GT 1/2mi 10.895
Level 10 Veyrone SS 1/4mi 7.284
Level 9 SSC Aero 1/2mi 11.136
Level 9 Ferrari FXX 1/4mi 7.588
Level 8 Zonda-R 1/2mi 11.634
Level 8 CM F1 1/4mi 7.881
Level 7 559 GTB 1/2mi 12.364
Level 7 Audi R8 1/4mi 8.308
Level 6 AM One-77 1/2mi 12.862
Level 6 Lambo LP 570 1/4mi 8.627
Level 5 AM One-77 1/2mi 13.989
Level 5 AM One-77 1/4mi 9.406
Level 4 BMW M3 1/2mi 14.387
Level 4 BMW M3 1/4mi 9.581
Level 3 S2000 1/2mi 15.469
Level 3 Skyline R34 1/4mi 9.967
Level 2 S2000 1/2mi 16.597
Level 2 S2000 1/4mi 10.617
Level 1 S2000 1/2mi 18.980
Level 1 Mazda RX8 1/4mi 12.373

Alternative Tunes:
Level 10 Venom 1/4
Level 10 SCC Aero 1/2
Level 9 9ff 1/4
Level 9 FXX 1/2
Level 8 Zonda 1/4
Level 8 MC12 1/2
Level 7 RS200 1/4
Level 7 599 GTO 1/2
Level 6 Dodge Viper 1/4
Level 6 Ford GT 1/2
Level 5 Evo X 1/4
Level 5 BMW M6 1/2
Level 4 Subaru Impreza 1/4
Level 4 Dodge SRT-8 1/2
Level 3 Lotus Elise 1/4
Level 3 Camaro 1/2
Level 2 Acura Integra 1/4
Level 2 Toyota Supra 1/2
Level 1 Golf GTI 1/4
Level 1 Dodge SRT-4 1/2

Requested Tunes:
Level 8 Agera R 1/2 11.640
Level 3 Trans Am WS6 1/2 15.628
Level 8 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo 1/4 7.952

Please rate and comment our application. Your feedback is essential for our team to develop and improve our features and times.

Disclaimer: We do not handle any transaction processes, we do not have in-app billing or you would see it in the required permissions. All updates are ALWAYS free. If you have problems recieving the app, send us an email with the name on the card in which you purchased the app. We can look up and see where you are in the transaction process.

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