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on Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

Play House for Kids

Name: Play House for Kids
Entwickler: ACJ Games
Preis: 0,67 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 12M
Version: 3
minimale Android Version: 2.2 oder höher
Kategorie: Rätsel & Denksport
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


Play House for Kids features 3 great games for kids.

Visit the Play House for Kids, where fun and education go hand-in-hand. This colorful, musical app is a digital playground where your kids can learn how to play music on a keyboard, train their brain to memorize and match objects, and identify animal and object sounds. Trust that your kids are exercising their young minds while they play in the Play House.

The Piano feature provides synthesized versions of a piano, organ, guitar, and violin that can be played with an on-screen keyboard. Your children will be able to mimic songs that they know or mash away at the keys to create original compositions.

The Sounds section teaches them to recognize animals and objects like a frog, cow, dog, phone, plane, or boat with each object's image and sound displayed on an animated television screen.

The Match Game challenges your children to match animals and planets in three different levels with eye-catching animation and applause to cheer them on when they make a succesful match. If they make it to the end, they earn an animated fireworks show!

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