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on Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

GO SMS THEME|ButterflyBeauty2

Name: GO SMS THEME|ButterflyBeauty2
Entwickler: SCSCreations
Preis: 1,51 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 783k
Version: 1.1
minimale Android Version: 1.6 oder höher
Kategorie: Personalisierung
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


***This applications does NOT open directly from Google Play or from the Applications Icon, it MUST be applied through Go SMS Pro***

To apply this GO SMS Theme:
Install GO SMS PRO, launch it, hit MENU>THEME>under the "INSTALLED THEMES" tab, scroll down until you find this theme click on the screen preview and hit "apply".
There you go! Theme applied!

-GO SMS PRO can be downloaded directly from the Google Play, just search "GO SMS" (without the quotes) and it's absolutely FREE!! GO SMS is rated the #1 SMS application on Google Play! We personally LOVE it! :)

THEME: Butterfly Beauty 2
DESCRIPTION: For those of you who love plaid and the beauty of butterflies - features a blend of colors including purple, white, blue, baby blue, and pink

Included in this SMS Theme:
-Custom Inbox Background
-Custom Chatroom Background
-Custom Chat Bubbles
-Custom SMS Popup Window
-Custom Top Bar & Bottom Bar
-Custom Font
-Custom Font Colors (if you do not like the font/font color that the themes comes with, you can customize the theme font and font colors in the settings menu under the "advanced" tab in Go SMS Pro. This can be done with ANY Go SMS Pro theme).
-Custom Interface

USERS EXPERIENCING DOWNLOAD ISSUES: If you experience any issues downloading a theme from SCSCreations please try restarting your phone, if it still doesn't work make sure that Google didn't send you a cancellation notice via email or a notice stating that there is an issue with your card. To formerly address the issues users are having to email SCSCreations about please try these troubleshooting options and if all else fails, please contact Google directly as SCSCreations cannot fix any downloading issues you are experiencing. Thanks for your understanding.

TABLET USERS - This theme is not originally designed to work on Tablet's, however it may work on some Tablet's I will not give a refund if it doesn't work on your Tablet so please test it out within the first 15 minutes of the purchase to see if it is compatible, if not and the purchase is cancelled within the 15 minutes - you'll be refunded by Google. Thanks for your understanding.

SCSCreations strives to help our customers and provide them with the best support possible, so please, before leaving a negative rating or comment, please contact us via email: scscreations@gmail.com (or you can just scroll down and hit "send email"), we always respond promptly.

REFUND POLICY: As with all Google Play purchases, refunds are available within the first 15 minutes of each download. You will have to go back to Google Play, find the application you downloaded and then click the refund button. We highly suggest you try out the application within the first 15 minutes of purchase so that if you unhappy with your purchase you can qualify for a refund. We hope you enjoy our creations! :)

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Thank you for your support and let us know if you need any assistance. :)

Stephanie & Michael Chute of SCSCreations

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