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on Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Medical Doctor: Reference Tool

Name: Medical Doctor: Reference Tool
Entwickler: Medical Doctor Apps
Preis: 3,04 € For free at our blog!
Größe: 2,8M
Version: 3.3
minimale Android Version: 1.5 oder höher
Kategorie: Medizin
Download: Look at the bottom of the page


"Cure Sometimes, Treat Often, Comfort Always"

On sale now! Buy Medical Doctor for $3.99 and get future updates for free.

Medical Doctor combines several applications into one, easy-to-use application. It combines “Heart Sounds”, “Lab Values”, “Notes and Orders”. It has unique features such as “History & Physical” and “Pediatrics”. When you buy this application, you are guaranteed future updates containing more applications/components! Every time we release a new application/component, the price will increase.

Medical Doctor is a perfect medical reference application for physicians, medical students, nurses, physician assistants, and anyone else in the medical field. It contains history & physical information, "Heart Sounds", "Lab Values", pediatric information, "Obstetrics", and "Notes & Orders". It has the latest and up-to-date medical information in an easy-to-use application and offers many features that are useful in the hospital, clinic, nursing home, etc. Follow us on twitter:

Features include:
- Playable heart and lung sounds with information on murmurs, rubs, gallops, wheezing, rales, etc.
- Cardiac and pulmonary auscultation diagrams
- Vesicular, bronchovesicular, bronchial, and tracheal lung sounds
- Rhonchi, coarse and fine rales, wheezing
- Test your knowledge with the new heart/lung sounds quiz!
- Searchable lab values with fishbone diagrams
- Lab value descriptions and interpretations
- Global search functionality to allow you to search for lab values from anywhere on your phone
- History & physical exam information featuring ROS, CAGE, and SIGECAPS
- OB&GYN information including developmental milestones, APGAR scoring, immunization schedules, and delivery date estimation
- Downloadable immunization schedules (adult and pediatric) from the CDC website
- Notes & Orders including Admit/Transfer orders, On Service notes, SOAP notes, Discharge notes, Pre-operative notes, Operative notes, Post-operative notes, and Procedure notes
- Glasgow Coma score and neurological exam information
- Five dermatome maps
- Pregnancy wheel (OB wheel) with recommended screening tests for the calculated gestational age
- Initial prenatal visit recommendations
- Routine prenatal visit recommendations
- Common triage work-ups (including labor check, preterm labor, hypertension, decreased fetal movement, vaginal bleeding, spontaneous rupture of membranes, and nausea and vomiting)
- Step-by-step guide for fetal heart rate interpretation with strips
- Optimized for ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), Honeycomb, and tablets

If you would like to see more features added, please e-mail or call us. We will try to add your recommended features to the next release!

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